Give A Little Get A Little…..


A homeless man who slept on the streets of a West coastal resort has managed to turn his life around and started a charity that delivers two tonnes of food to the vulnerable every week.  Mark Harvey, 51, had been … Continue reading

The Year Of The Monkey Comes To Boscombe…Whilst Some Of Its Residents Come to Poole…


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  Good news folks! It’s the Chinese Year of the Monkey! Bad news folks! Section 35 Dispersals appear to be at their peak in Boscombe, Bournemouth and so all the alcohol and drugs addicted residents the police & the community … Continue reading

Down & Out in Bournemouth & Poole: Day 21: Better Off Inside Than Out


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This story should really start with the tale of A. but it doesn’t, it starts with the tale of a sorry looking Polish homeless guy & his two litres of cider. The sorry looking Polish guy told us a dreadful … Continue reading

Daughter Jan Derry said a rat “gnawed” at her bedridden mother, inflicting 50 bite wounds at Glen Lodge


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An investigation has been ordered into how a grandmother living in sheltered housing suffered injuries her family believes were the result of multiple rat bites. Pamela Hudson, 75, was taken to hospital from her council home in York with injuries … Continue reading

Down & Out in Bournemouth & Poole: Day 20:The Truth Is Rarely Pure & Never Simple


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Borough of Poole is urging anyone concerned about people sleeping rough to contact the national initiative Street-link. Given the lack of respect they actively encourage where the homeless are concerned, I would have to ask why.  “It is always a concern … Continue reading

Eviction Threat Hangs Over Christmas Dinner


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ACTIVISTS hoping to feed the homeless this Christmas are braced for eviction at any moment as a housing trust drags them into court today. And underlining the vast wealth disparity that caused the campaigners to set up the Camden Mothership … Continue reading

Cameron says ending lifetime council tenancies will ‘help social mobility’


A Conservative minister has claimed council tenants may benefit from losing the right to live in their home for life because they might not have thought about buying their own property before. Marcus Jones, a housing minister, said the new … Continue reading