The Truth Is Rarely Pure & Never Simple


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We’ve lost over a million government funded council apartments in the last ten years alone. Not a big deal some would say, the government is saving itself and councils a great deal of money as per the maintenance of those … Continue reading

London’s empty towers mark a very British form of corruption


The Tower at St George Wharf has 214 flats on 50 floors, costing up to £51m. With no affordable homes, it feels more like a hotel than a home There was no published plan for the drastic surgery being inflicted … Continue reading

Statement from Just for Kids Law, following Supreme Court judgment in Jogee


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Just for Kids Law welcomes the decision of the Supreme Court in Jogee. Just for Kids Law was one of two organisations which intervened in the case, along with Jengba (Joint Enterprise Not Guilty by Association). We did not act for either … Continue reading

Police officers becoming increasingly isolated from the communities they serve ‘by being diverted to hidden jobs’


Police officers are becoming increasingly isolated from the communities they serve, by being diverted from beat patrols to other “hidden” jobs, according to a new report. Forces are sleepwalking towards a situation in which traditional beat bobbies spend as much … Continue reading

Rape victim gets £20,000 from Hampshire police


A rape victim will receive a £20,000 out-of-court settlement after a police force apologised for failing to investigate her complaint properly and arresting her. The woman, who was 17 at the time of the rape in 2012, tried to kill … Continue reading

Down & Out in Bournemouth & Poole: Day 21: Better Off Inside Than Out


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This story should really start with the tale of A. but it doesn’t, it starts with the tale of a sorry looking Polish homeless guy & his two litres of cider. The sorry looking Polish guy told us a dreadful … Continue reading

The Union Rep (MP of Bow & Bromley) Takes Up A Cause!


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Come dear reader, let us avert our eyes for a time from the bewildering hideousness of St Bacchanalia’s Asylum. Let us purge our souls and lustrate our hearts of its base and pernicious influence. Let us wander instead over croit … Continue reading