The Truth Is Rarely Pure & Never Simple


We’ve lost over a million government funded council apartments in the last ten years alone. Not a big deal some would say, the government is saving itself and councils a great deal of money as per the maintenance of those properties. That’s a fine argument as arguments go but lets think about this from another angle. Recently there has been alot of concern about the Eritrean Government harassing fellow countrymen who have fled to the UK to get away from the regime. Those government agents will have come into the country in most cases alongside other refugees and as their applications were checked and processed (in the past they would have been housed by the council).


There would be council registers with their names on them, they will have frequented the same community centres as the countryman they would have been spying on. They will have sent their children to the same schools and all of this will have been monitored by the council, the home office and where significant concerns had been expressed, the police.

Now let us examine the somewhat altered case as created by the government, public housing has been sold off and will continue to be sold off. Refugees coming into the country unsupervised are not being housed they’re being arrested. Therefore they are winding up with charities in a haphazard way, they are then being placed in shelters in a haphazard way, there are no central registers keeping track of them, they are flying under the radar. If I’m a terrorist or a drug dealer residing at a shelter I may come and go as I please, I will be almost totally untraceable, as a result policing methods have had to adapt. Not only those running shelters to keep people safe are being placed at risk, so are the innocents they are sheltering, bravo Teresa May!


When I was a teenager under my mother’s roof, she unwittingly befriended Mariam Amponsah (not her real name) , Mrs Amponsah turned out to be a drug dealer. How did we find out she was a drug dealer? She needed a place to stay and she believed that nowhere could be more ideal than my mother’s council flat. It is often the case that the most innocent of relatives can find themselves hosting family members who present a danger not just to them but to society at large, such is human nature. When you’re hosting a family member or a friend or if you’re a housing officer contacted by residents expressing doubts and suspicions about a neighbour, it is a very easy thing to contact the police and have them look into the matter. Congratulations then to this government, for not only consigning such phone calls to 101 but for also removing a means by which such people are easily trackable.