Winchester Police Don’t Deserve Paying Competently? Even After Losing Their Back Room Staff?

AN INQUIRY is under way after 1,300 police officers received the wrong pay, the Chronicle can reveal.

Around half of those affected had been underpaid and the other half overpaid this week, in what sources say is the latest in a series of problems since the county’s police, fire and council merged its back office staff to save cash.

Sources expressed fury over the repeated failure of the new system and are demanding action, saying they have no confidence in a council-run system which they claim regularly leaves monthly salaries wrong.

Hampshire Police Federation, representing more than 2,800 rank and file officers, slammed the situation as a disgrace and said H3 was a council system that simply wasn’t fit for purpose.

Meanwhile Simon Hayes, police and crimecommissioner, has called for an investigation within the Hampshire County Council arm of the H3 organisation to determine how it happened and ensure it doesn’t again.

Letters about the errors, which relate to over payments on top of salary, have been posted first class to all 1,300 affected officers – at a cost of £800.


Those who were overpaid will have to return the cash while those underpaid are receiving further payments into their accounts.

The system is said to have been dogged with problems since the merger of back office staff from Hampshire police, fire and council in 2014, to create a new organisation called H3.

The aim was to save each authority £4 million.

But fed up officers are calling for top level talks and are preparing to tell police chiefs they have no confidence in H3 as they demand action to end the problems once and for all.

It is believed that the amounts involved for those who have lost or been paid extra cash vary in size, between as little as £5 or up to £150.

Previous problems are said to include women officers on maternity leave being left majorly out of pocket after being paid the wrong salary during their leave and then being ordered to repay.

One officer, who said they spoke on behalf of his entire shift, said: “We are in complete despair at the chaos that we are experiencing since we moved in to the H3 system.

“Our pay is repeatedly wrong and this month 1,300 police officers were either overpaid or underpaid. It is a disgrace, we have had enough and the bosses need to listen.

Now one could say that there’s alot of complaining over nothing, but I have to ask, do councillors and the politicians we voted for encounter this kind of shabby treatment? Perhaps negligent shoddy payment services are only reserved for public servants whom the government appear to have taken for granted and clearly don’t value.