The Meaning of Lent – So Local Thugs Get It….


Lent – A Christian Event Leading up to Easter that includes elements of sacrifice to a spiritual end.

Lent – To loan someone a sum of money (usually) in the belief that at the time indicated by you, the said sum of money (or drugs?) will be paid back.

Now let me indicate strongly what the word ‘lent’ is not a stand-in for.

1) The word ‘lent’ isn’t a replacement vocabulary for the word ‘extortion’. Extortion is where you get in the face of someone who does not owe you money, and then demand the money they don’t owe you.

2) The word ‘lent’ is also an inappropriate replacement for the phrase ‘aggressive hustling’. Aggressive hustling is where you harass your victim on the streets, cruise past their house slowly whilst acting like you can eyeball them through their curtained windows. It’s when you leave your front door wide open (on the other side of the road) and then proceed to march aggressively across the road and strut and swagger aggressively in front of the victim’s home. Hustling might get you some money but it will most definitely not be money you loaned out to your ‘target’.


Now you’d think that people whose idea of making money is to engineer violent encounters in fast food restaurants and stalk aggressively in front of the homes of old aged pensioners, would know that there’s a difference, between loaning a reckless young person money they may never pay back, and trying to aggressively shake down aged family members of that young person, when they are living on a pension. 


But it would seem that in the historic town of Winchester, this is not the case. It would seem that in this historic and cultivated town it is perfectly permissible act as if you were about to participate in a drive-by-shooting outside the OAP’s home. It is even acceptable to march aggressively in front of their living room window blatantly indicating where they can pay you the money they do not owe you. It is also ‘de rigeur’ it would seem to have your mates aggressively glaring in through the net curtains causing the OAPs watching their TV set and eating their tea to flinch and to do so 24-7. Add to that walls next door being brutally thumped with objects thrown violently against connecting walls, because these neighbours are mates of the drug dealer(?) who wants his money and you have the makings of a nightmarish situation for elderly people unused to dealing with it.

I’d ask where Winchester’s neighbourhood police are but I already know they are not where they need to be, in Winnall which appears to have a few ‘legal-illegal high challenges’ of its own and where all the things I have described are currently taking place.