Encountering Racist Thugs? Tell Momma!!!


Just because a featherless biped can speak English and knows how to sign on for benefits, that does not make it one of us. Nationality and identity are based on ancient roots and belonging, not on possession of a passport. Every new wave of recruits must be taught this otherwise our struggle would be pointless. 

-Nick Griffin 2010 ‘What is going to be done’ 

Early morning assault in Birmingham leaves young female feeling fearful, a Muslim woman wearing a hijab was brutally punched in the face in Birmingham city centre in what is thought to be an Islamophobic attack. Miss Choudhury, 18, who did not want her first name published, said she had been left shocked after the assault which happened as she was walking along New StreetHer attacker, who was wearing a grey hooded top, just came up to her and punched her in the street. 

Police have appealed for witnesses to the attack, which happened at 7.30am on Monday, November 23, and said they were treating it as a ‘hate crime’. Miss Chaudary who is a student said the traumatic experience means that she is now scared to walk through the city centre by herself. 

She told the Mail: “I feel shocked and really scared that someone could attack you for no reason. I don’t feel safe at all now. 

“I was walking to the train station to meet some friends when someone shoved me from behind. 

“When I turned around he punched me in the face and then just went off. 

“I’ve lived in Birmingham all my life and I’ve never experienced something like this before.” 

she further added, “My parents are so scared that they’re telling me to take my hijab off. My mum’s telling me to wear a hat instead.” 

A ‘Hate crime’ is defined in law as any criminal offence committed against a person or property that is motivated by hostility towards someone based on their disability, race, religion, gender-identity or sexual orientation, whether perceived to be so by the victim or any other person.  

A Royal Singapore Air Force F-16 performs on the first public day of the Australian International Airshow in Melbourne on March 4, 2011. 180,000 patrons are expected through the gates over the duration of the event staged at the Avalon Airfield some 80kms south-west of Melbourne.   AFP PHOTO / Paul CROCK

In 2011/12, there were 43,748 hate crimes recorded by police in England and Wales. Of these, 35, 816 were recorded as race hate crime and 1,621 as religious hate crimes. In 2014/15 54,894 hate crimes were recorded by police, of these 3, 254 were recorded as religious hate crimes. 

You’d think that if some fine upstanding British citizen really wanted to express their opposition to Islam, they’d preach on it or write about it or go on telly about it. In short you’d expect people who object to the evils of Islam to take an intelligent & articulate stand in public and demonstrate the bravery of a Nick Griffin, Tommy Robinson or even (heaven forfend) Abu Hamza, instead what we get is this, 

Meet Khadija who was waiting at a coffee shop in the diverse and multicultural borough of Haringey. She was waiting for her husband as he was completing his Friday (or Jumu’ah) prayer in the local mosque, last Friday. Khadija wears a Hijab and as she was peacefully drinking her tea she noticed a male staring at her unflinchingly for about 20 minutes. 

As she continued to drink her tea, she noticed that the male perpetrator had come close to her and started to take an aggressive posture close to her face and he asked Khadija whether she was “going to blow things up today.” 

This was followed by further bigoted and prejudiced comments that Khadija and “her sort” cannot be trusted and that, “all they do is to blow things up.” 


We live in trying times in which inarticulate, intellectually challenged males who are prone to violent homicidal outbursts, at the expense predominantly of vulnerable women & children, are funded by anonymous governments (see ISIS) and seemingly encouraged to vent their frustrations via race hatred. I get that the atrocities Paris has experienced in recent months have fueled a lot of ill feeling. What I don’t get is the connection between the homicidal insanity of a state that isn’t really a state, and the average devout Muslim living on the streets of England and Wales. 

Yeah what happened in Paris might well happen here, but it hasn’t thus far and that’s not because we’re bombing Syria, I believe it’s because in general we’re a fairly tolerant nation. The reaction of most English people is not to resort to racial slurs on the street or in private arenas when confronted by a race or religion they’re not particularly fond of. Reasoned entry into a Syrian based conflict after a less than reasoned entrance into the last war is what we as a nation are about. 

Most of us are curious about other people’s cultures, their racial and religious identity. Most of us value ours and other people’s freedom, which is why when Lee Rigby was murdered no one, Muslims included, got up on a soapbox applauding his death. We were all horrified and relieved to discover that his murderers had been drug dealers before they were radicalized Islamists.