Bournemouth bus station plays bagpipe music through the night to stop homeless people using it as a shelter


A bus station has been criticised after it was revealed it plays loud bagpipe music throughout the night in order to deter homeless people from using it as a shelter.

As part of an ongoing bid to tackle antisocial behaviour in the area council bosses and police decided to play bagpipe music throughout the night at Bournemouth’s Travel Interchange.

They aim to deter the town’s homeless from sleeping there, and according to local traders the bid appears to be working.

The Bournemouth Echo reports the bagpipe music is played through the coach station’s loudspeaker system from midnight to 6.30am.


The paper previously reported that commuters claimed to feel ‘intimidated’ by some of the people sleeping rough in the station, who they claimed used the area near the public toilets to drink alcohol.

Meanwhile local businesses situated near the station said some passers-by had suffered drunken abuse and even threats of violence towards their staff.

But now, the paper reports, since the introduction of the bagpipe music antisocial behaviour in the area appears to be on the wane.

One coach station worker, who asked not to be named, told the newspaper: ‘Basically, the council has been playing bagpipe music through the night and it seems to be doing the job.

‘They just cannot stand it, you try getting any sleep with that going on.

‘We’ve had hardly any problems with people sleeping next to the toilets since the council started playing it.’

But not everyone is impressed with the scheme. One resident told the Huffington Post: ‘What a daft idea – all that will do is send them elsewhere.

‘These people need practical help.’


A Bournemouth Borough Council spokesman said: ‘The council and the police have been undertaking coordinated action around the travel interchange site to help address the street anti-social behaviour issues.

‘This has included regular police patrols, proactive input from our (Crime Reduction Initiative) rough sleeper team and we have been trialling the playing of bagpipe music in the evenings and night time to deter rough sleeping.

‘All of these activities appear to be helping but we will continue to monitor the situation and will target further resources as needed.’