Rogue landlord success: the story of three years of campaigning for change in Bournemouth and Tameside.


In 2010, TV’s Panorama and Dispatches approached Shelter to ask if we had any ideas for films examining the private rented sector.

We provided evidence of local rogue landlords and renters’ stories we’d uncovered to launch our Evict Rogue Landlords campaign.

What followed was the beginning of a journey for Shelter, and for two councils.

Panorama’s exposé ‘The Great Housing Rip Off?’ and Dispatches: ‘Landlords from Hell’ focused on Bournemouth Council, on the south coast, and Tameside Council, in the north west of England.

Two names – Dave Wells Properties and Tame Estates – featured heavily as notorious rogue landlords who deliberately exploited and harassed their tenants, and rented out properties in an appalling state of repair.

The response to both programmes was overwhelming. Local Bournemouth and Tameside residents took up the baton, speaking out about their own experiences and pressing for change.

Despite the criticism and denial Shelter faced from the councils, we kept up our demand that they tackle their rogue landlord problem. And thanks to pressure from residents, we started to see a tidal change.

In Tameside:

In Bournemouth:

This will make a huge difference to the lives of people renting in Bournemouth and Tameside . It shows that shining a media spotlight on problem areas, perseverance and local pressure can bring about real change.

What will Shelter do next?
We’re looking forward to seeing the outcomes of the councils’ rogue landlord plans.

We’ll also continue to encourage them to publicise their prosecutions, knowing that this is a sure-fire way to deter other local rogue landlords.

A big thank you to the Councils for joining our campaign – and to our supporters in Bournemouth and Tameside who helped us achieve this win!