Poole Police Officers questioned over alleged sex assault in Parkstone


TWO Police Officers in Poole Dorset have been arrested on suspicion of sexual assault while they were off-duty.

The men were questioned over an alleged incident which took place in Ashley Road, Parkstone, on Friday, September 21.

It is understood the alleged incident happened in the early hours of the morning following a night out in one of the local pubs.

The officers, aged 28 and 36 and both from Dorset, were not working at the time.

In a statement Dorset Police said: “We are investigating an incident; as a result two men were arrested and released on police bail until mid November.”

Some cases involving criminal allegations against police officers are referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

The Echo understands this has not happened in this instance.

This is the second time in recent weeks a serving Dorset Police officer has been arrested.

Last month a 50-year-old male police officer and 53-year-old member of civilian staff were arrested on suspicion of stealing police property.

They were questioned about two separate and unconnected allegations of what is believed to be theft of police mobile phones.


The pair were both released on police bail and suspended from duty while enquiries continue.

This matter has been referred to the Independent Police Com-plaints Commission.

Twelve convictions

TWELVE serving Dorset Police officers have been convicted of crimes ranging from theft and assault to drink driving and burglary.

Figures obtained by the Daily Echo under the Freedom of Information Act reveal that eight officers were convicted of offences prior to joining the force.

The offences were for public order, criminal damage, unauthorised taking of a pedal cycle, drink driving, theft and assault. One officer has a conviction for a non-dwelling burglary which was committed in 1973 when the officer was 15 years old.

Three officers have been convicted of offences while serving for Dorset Police – one for drink driving and two for Protection of Animals.

Information obtained under the act has also revealed that since 2010, 10 police officers have been the subject of a written warning or disciplinary hearing other than for the purpose of a poor performance.

Two police officers have been the subject of a police investigation related to a suspected criminal activity.

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Please note these cases date from 2012, the UK Website logging police misconduct does not as yet have any updates.