Down & Out In Bournemouth & Poole: Day 2- Just down the road in another guesthouse


We were still trying to process the fact that in Poole Town a landlord can evict you on the same day he has taken all your cash, and his right to do so will be backed up and supported by both the police and the council. Nonsense! You say, well three weeks earlier I asked a housing officer what rights we had in law as the the tenants of a guest house “None” she had said. 

The room we were renting had an en-suite bathroom and self-catering kitchen facilities I said, and only we have access to the room,could you please go and check? She checked, although we had been paying rent there for eight months, we still had no legal protection as tenants. 

Just like the homeless gentleman dressed in a greying t-shirt full of holes trying to eat his breakfast across the table from us, whilst talking to someone invisible,whilst reading his paper, whilst packing his sausages in a plastic carrier bag for later. He really doesn’t feel up to eating, but a little conversation calms his agitation and brings back his appetite. In no time he has stopped talking to his invisible friend and is humming along to the radio and wolfing down his food. Or like the gentleman with the gentle eyes, it’s a shock to him that we are friendly and polite, I get the impression that he doesn’t encounter that much. 

The landlord of this B & B deliberately makes up a large batch of warm buttered toast, accompanied by the full English breakfast. He provides enough food for two meals, because the council places alot of homeless people there temporarily, the guys I talk to say they like this  B & B more than most. Why? Because it’s homely. I would have attended mass before breakfast, but this morning? We took it slow, we were still in shock.