Man assaulted on late-night Tube train in Harrow

Take a good look at this photo which BTP police put out, a really good look because although it appears as though there are only two criminal offenders in this picture (according to the British Transport Police) there are in fact three. The third perp is facing the tube-train doors and gives every impression of having no involvement with the other two.
Now, from past personal experience, they look to me like a team of thieves who have probably spent the better part of the day running to and fro on the trains. Everyone knows about them; from the passengers using the London Underground services, to the police officers who surveillance the train stations and occasionally man patrols at the entrance of certain notorious train station exits at certain key times of the evening stopping and searching notorious perps.
In the good old days before austerity?
Once the perps had been alerted that the police were doing their thing at certain train station exits, they’d settle down at Inner London train stations like Euston, and wait until someone had texted them that the coast was clear. That was in the good old days, since the closure of police stations and the reduction of police numbers that picture has changed, criminals who are thieving on trains and at stations or simply transporting stolen goods across London have alot less to fear.
Think I’m kidding? I can recall one occasion when I was on the cusp of being mugged on a train platform in the early hours of the morning. The would be mugger was clearly off his head and as he edged ever closer to me I reached into my handbag for a noxious ‘deterrent’. I was just about to launch into action when the loudspeaker came on and a voice that sounded suspiciously like that of a police officer, reminded all passengers that police officers were in fact present. The would be mugger wandered off & I resumed reading my book.
On another occasion, at Harrow-on-the Hill train station, I paid for my ticket and was just about to cross the barrier, when I spotted a police officer hiding well out of view, well into the back of the ticket booth. On still another occasion I spotted an officer on the look out for muggers hidden just behind a booth well beyond a ticket barrier.
Remember these were the days before Mayor Boris Johnson closed all those ticket offices and Teresa May the Home Secretary presided over the loss of thousands of police officers. And so back to our three thieves.

Three people are wanted by police after a man was assaulted on a late-night Metropolitan Line train at Harrow-on-the-Hill station.

British Transport Police (BTP) have released CCTV images of three people they want to trace in connection with the assault which occured in the early hours of Sunday June 28.

The victim was heading home after a Saturday night out with friends and caught a westbound Metropolitan Line train from Baker Street station shortly after midnight.

During the journey, an altercation reportedly took place between the man and three other passengers, which led to a physical assault.

The victim was punched and kicked and his glasses were broken, BTP said.

The man ran from the train at Harrow-on-the-Hill station but was followed by the group and further assaulted on the platform.

He suffered a cut to his eyebrow and bruising to his face.

Police are now appealing for the public’s assistance in identifying three people from CCTV images.

Detective Constable Chris Church said: “Who are the three individuals pictured in these CCTV images? An interesting question, but really the question the general public should be asking themselves is this, if Teresa May hadn’t cut policing numbers wouldn’t these three people have been arrested at the scene? Would the police need anything other than one on the scene witness? And would the assault the victim suffered have been thwarted by the presence of a British Transport employee on the train station platform or a still open ticket office? You know, like they used to be? Before Mayor and now MP Boris Johnson closed them all?

Anyone with information is asked to contact British Transport Police on 0800 40 50 40, or text 61016, quoting reference T/B11 of 03/09/15. Information can also be passed anonymously to the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.