Hope For Food in Bournemouth? What about housing?


This is the picture of a baby whose parents have money, we know this because the child is beautifully dressed, laid out on a nice fluffy rug and clearly being professionally photographed.

Here is what a baby whose parents are on benefits and homeless because of the lack of social housing provision looks like, it looks like this because it is still stranded at Poole Hospital. That’s right local Poole residents, the hospital next door to the church (St Mary’s Longfleet) that runs a foodbank, there is a church hall further down the road that also runs a foodbank (but that’s another story). The picture also includes the parents, they’ve been left homeless too.


Much as I hate to say  it, the tale is positively Victorian. Heavily pregnant whilst living at an address in Verwood (the couple in their mercy haven’t detailed precisely where in Verwood),the young woman was rushed into Poole hospital where she gave birth. Still there at present, she has learn’t that she must move her possessions from the property in little under a week, the family has nowhere to go.

This is what the father of the little newborn had to say,

“She just needs a home for her and the baby – that’s the main priority,” he added. “I’m worried about the baby, I’m worried about her. I don’t care so much about myself.”

He added: “Sometimes I can’t even look at him because I feel like I’ve failed him.”

Neither he nor the new mother have enough for a deposit for a new place, and because she comes from Kent, she says local councils haven’t helped her. She told the Echo she left Kent because of an ex-partner and doesn’t want to return.


Claire Matthews who runs the Hope for Food soup kitchen in Bournemouth met the young family when they came to her for a meal and some toiletries on a Thursday night, she had this to say,

“The services have failed them, – they have been let down,” she said. “It was heartbreaking for the volunteers at the soup kitchen last night – how has this been allowed to happen?”

This is what Poole Hospital who delivered the homeless baby had to say,

‘”We do not discharge a maternity patient without them having a home to go to. Should this prove unsatisfactory, our midwifery safeguarding team would work with our social care partners to ensure appropriate postnatal care was provided to both mother and child. Patient confidentiality prevents us commenting on any individual case.”

D1PJ8T Poole Borough Council Coat of Arms 'Ad Morem Villae de Poole' displayed on the harbour bridge

Now listen to what Poole Borough council (they who have cancelled & in some cases severely limited the provision of meals on wheels) has to say,

“We would advise her to contact her local council who may be able to review her application and offer assistance based on her current circumstances. The housing options team at Borough of Poole can support her with this.”

A dainty little whitewash if ever there was one, and as for East Dorset district council?

‘“We would encourage this person to get in touch urgently with our housing service on 01202 795211.”

There is no comment available from the local Bournemouth MPs nor would you expect there to be. They are far too busy opposing the Navitus WindFfarm Project from the comfort of their Westminster Palace berths.