A first rate reflective beauty


‘It is a peculiar sensation this double-consciousness, this sense of always looking at one’s self through the eyes of others, of measuring one’s soul by the tape of a world that looks on in amused contempt and pity’

-W.E.B Dubois

It has been said that there is nothing that proves the failure of black women more than when they continue to buy their children white dolls, but I disagree. In a day and age when I can buy my niece Japanese dolls if she has a yen for them, since she, a black girl, loves all things Japanese.

What proves the failure of black women is if, in this day and age, they fail to be unapologetically themselves. Unapologetically, that means well-oiled natural, nappy hair and all. Or even slick well-groomed pressed or ‘relaxed hair and all. If they fail to appreciate the beauty of all they are, from honey coloured to blue-ebony skin, from thin to full lips, they have not only failed themselves. They will have failed all those who unbeknownst to them and know to them, hold them up as role-models.


Do you query your own appearance & what could possibly be wrong with you, every time some tiny minded white woman sidles subtly alongside you, and her face lights up because even if she feels dog ugly, she knows she’ll look stunning standing alongside any black female & in front of a public toilet mirror? Epic fail on your part not hers, you shouldn’t be querying your appearance or allowing that poison into your mind. What you should be wondering is whether she might possibly be your child’s teacher, because with that mindset?!


Feeling marginalised and put out because in the neighbourhood in which you live there are next to no black cosmetic products? So what? You don’t have legs? You can’t walk or use the internet in this day & age to find what it is you want? Get on a train, get on the laptop, take an extensive walk around all the shopping centres in immediate proximity to you and go get what you need.

But, do not allow those few caucasian, eurocentric shops, that exist around you to dupe you into believing that your ‘exceptional’ appearance, is the reason why they don’t cater for your type of beauty!They don’t cater for it either because their social circles are constrained and narrow, or because they’re too limited in their thinking to spot a business opportunity when it arises.


Once upon a time cosmetics manufacturers could get away with pulling those stunts and making black women believe them. Nowadays? They know business opportunities when they see them and they love the strong scent of booming business profits coming off of the purses of beautiful, confident black women who know what they want. Which is quality, fun and class, just like everyone else!