Faking It…


That’s just the point you can’t, fake it. James Murdoch, the chairman of News International, when closing down the News of the World Newspaper, announcing that ‘the final edition would be published that weekend, cited the “inhuman” alleged behaviour of some staff.

Rebecca Brookes was acquitted of any hacking charges in court, & has since been recruited to run other ‘company operations’ in America, so it clearly wasn’t her ‘inhuman behaviour’ he was referring to. No apology was made to the hundreds of staff who kept the paper running, and whose careers had now been tainted by the hacking allegations that were rife at the time.

I’m sure his nonexistent apology wasn’t intentional, just as a drug addict on skid row starving their newborn to death over a period of time, doesn’t do so intentionally. It was just that James Murdoch, employer of millions of workers, on modest wages, couldn’t fake caring.


I don’t know whether many have noticed, but very rarely will you find any images online, of that aging tycoon Rupert Murdoch, looking truly aged. Oh you may find a wrinkle here or a wrinkle there, but the rest appear to have been miraculously airbrushed out of existence. This is because the people who take these pictures and sell them, along with the people who buy them, care about what Rupert Murdoch may do, if photos appear in various publications which create the perception that he is not only old and raddled, but also impotent.

In short, people care enough about their jobs and careers, not to permit images of a powerful old man to be displayed that reinforce the idea that he is growing feebler, frailer and like everyone else closer to dying. They pander to this old man’s desire not to be perceived as such, in much the way North Korea’s people pandered to the state’s demands, that they portray heartrending, hysterical grief, at the death of Kim Jong il on camera.


Which is why, when the Conservatives proudly announced their intention to keep a close eye on the economic purse strings, for the good of the British economy that instead of cheering, we should have narrowed our eyes and listened closely to what they were going to say, but we didn’t, not really.


Having secured our zero hours employment  and worked out a steady stream of foodbank (or alternative meals on wheels) provision, we breathed a hearty sigh of relief, life was finally returning to normal, and what is more we agreed with the government we’d voted for. There are too many spongers and leeches claiming benefits when they should be going out looking for work, and far too many of them are young, vital, more than fit for work. What right did they have therefore, to expect the state to support and house them for nothing?


Was the government instituting these changes to the welfare benefit system because they were callous and heartless? No! It was because they cared!

And so we forgot that this is the government about to quietly pocket it’s ten percent salary rise, whilst demanding that nurses, doctors, teachers and housing officers take a ‘pay rise’ of one percent.

We forgot that this is the government prepared to let our neighbourhoods descend into chaos and go to rack and ruin via cuts to neighbourhood policing. Whilst, they reside tranquilly in gated neighbourhoods or obscure parts of the English countryside, employing private security as and when the need arises.

We forgot all this and celebrated another virulent instance of selfishness, on the part of this predatory near-criminal government.

The climate their hypocrisy has created, has become such that ‘political grandees’ are all too apt to pop in from their multi-million pound consultancies, telling us ordinary minimum waged folk how to vote, on decisions that mean everything to us. Are they now mistaking us for the oppressed peoples of North Korea?