Oh please! This can’t be true……can it?

The text of the letter we (Anti-Academies Alliance) received on 26th June 2015 is as follows:

‘It may interest you to learn of the Harris Academy Chain’s approach to OFSTED inspections. Harris Academy Upper Norwood in South London is being inspected today. Virtually all the normal teaching staff have been sent home for two days to be replaced by a specialist team of Harris teaching staff from outside the school with pre-prepared lessons. 10% of the students who might be thought of as challenging have been removed for the duration of the inspection. Not really in the spirit of the inspection process is it? This is common practice amongst Harris Schools and just the tip of the “dirty tricks” they use to boost examinations and con inspectors.

Staff at the school are treated appallingly and 40 are leaving this year. The Harris model of education is a virus. Please help expose it.’

Anonymous letter sent by an anonymous teacher (nothing new there) expressing significant concern about their mortgage payments, professional reputation, longevity of employment, mental health and physical well-being. How do I know this? Because there is no name, school  address or even union affililation attached to this letter. It is impossible to work out whether it was sent by a teaching assistant, teacher, head of department or headteacher, they are simply too scared to say who they are.

Bravo Conservative Government, bravo Nicky Morgan. Academisation has really changed the quality of the teaching experience for the better.