Degrees of Separation


There was this very trendy notion posited by this very trendy film. This theory that everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world, so that a chain of “a friend of a friend” statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps. The point of this theory was to prove that everyone on this mortal coil is connected and that connection should make us display more compassion, more thought, to how we interact with those around us. Especially those who must surely feel as if they’ve walked into a waking nightmare.

So, to hear of fraudsters opening new bank accounts, setting up fake business premises, a fake business website and a virtual office is nothing new. Anyone who has worked for a spurious English Language company or a dodgy recruitment agency will be aware of such fraudulent practices and more than up to dealing with them.


You can smell the fraudsters a mile off, their manner is usually too familiar and too unprofessional & in some cases the half-finished state of the offices, or the shady industrial premises they inhabit, will sound an alert. I can recall turning up for an interview with one company where I was kept waiting for an hour, and then interviewed by someone who had clearly snorted a large dose of some narcotic or other, before conducting the interview. Emotionally if you’re on form dealing with such scamsters is not a problem.

UK - Cheshire - HMP Styal

However, if you’re facing a ten year to fifteen year prison sentence for a murder you did not directly commit, I cannot imagine that you would have that emotional resilience. To have a desperate family member enlist the services of a lawyer and pay them £30,000 that they didn’t have in the first place. Simply because they firmly believe that their son & daughter is innocent. To actually look the family in the face & take that money, knowing that they may have sold their family home (as one lady did) in order to get you that money? Who with a shred of decency within them would do that? ‘Kingdom Law’ did and not just to one family, to several, raking in £200,000 .

A measly sum of money to a millionaire, a great deal to family members. Would you expect this kind of behaviour from a sex offender? Well, what wouldn’t you expect from one? But from a mother with children of her own? I’m always struck by those child rearing women who readily drop everything to help out rapists, paedophiles and yes even homophobes.

And so to Michael Sibbald, Robert Marr, Anthony Bryce and Gemma Ward who visited vulnerable families & prisoners at various prisons around the country and promised them they’d find the evidence that would get them acquitted. They had no intention of doing anything other than rolling in clover, with the hundreds of thousands of pounds they’d stolen, from people who simply didn’t have it to begin with. Well, they’ve been punished, but what of the prisoners trapped in prison by Joint Enterprise Murder convictions? Psychologically frailer than they would have been before they encountered Kingdom Legal Services, their nightmare continues.