West Midlands Police to axe 2,500 jobs in effort to find £130m in savings


West Midlands Police has admitted it will be axing 2,500 jobs over the next five years in a bid make savings of £130 million across the force. Officers, Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) and civilian staff are set to lose … Continue reading

Hope For Food in Bournemouth? What about housing?


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This is the picture of a baby whose parents have money, we know this because the child is beautifully dressed, laid out on a nice fluffy rug and clearly being professionally photographed. Here is what a baby whose parents are … Continue reading

Rowley Regis killer was high on drugs at time of murder – Joint Enterprise


Stuart Millership claimed he was drunk and high on cocaine when two Albanians battered and stabbed to death 50-year-old Baljit Singh before his body was hidden in the cellar of his home. Millership, who admitted he was a regular drug … Continue reading

Hatched from a prison cell, ‘high’ at HMP Deerbolt…Serco approved?


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An increased use of so-called “legal highs” in prisons is causing a rise in levels of violence, a report has warned. That’s right, prisoners are able (somehow) to get legally high in prison.The raft of newly formulated synthetic drugs are … Continue reading

Community: How the desire to self-promote can get in its way


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No I’m not going to write a critical piece about the Nigerian wife, of the former Nigerian Prime Minister, Goodluck Jonathan. Although I am going to compliment her expensive and elaborate headdress, her equally expensive and no doubt elaborate lace … Continue reading