East Dorset District Council Proposals to build 650 new homes in Wimborne approved


Good news! East Dorset district council have given permission to builders to construct 650 new homes of which 200 homes will be affordable local housing. That’s right! Two hundred local families in desperate need of local housing may actually get it as a result of the district council vote going in their favour. These councillors should be cheered on, clapped on the back and roundly applauded by the whole community shouldn’t they? Except that, that’s not quite what’s happened.

In the words of one opposing and decidely irate Conservative district councillor,

“It’s essentially been implied that Colehill is going to be a rat run, it’s wildly unsuitable. Residents have been ignored. Developers and councillors have done little more than to pay lip service to their opinions. I’m devastated.”

Not only that, the several councillors who failed to turn up and help oppose the vote have been named & shamed. By all means if the naming & shaming encourages those who were most recently elected to office, to do the job of turning up and voting. But to be castigated for failing to turn up, so as to support the continued shortage of housing in the East Dorset area? Totally surreal.

However, there are some very real concerns, Cllr Dover said she is particularly concerned that residents have received little reassurance that Colehill’s roads will not be used by HGV lorry drivers as the site is built. Don’t you just love the selfish concerns of the country dwelling, home owning, middle classes?

The full article may be viewed here.

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