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Is Deerbolt HMP a prison that Her Majesty could endorse? Is it even a prison that the general public would endorse? Take a gander at the following comments on an incident that occurred there this Tuesday 8th April 2015,

Tolkny says…

I hope it ends safely for all and that staff do not need to be brought from far and wide or the local staff to do lots of unwanted overtime.

Then I hope the media at last start to ask the challenging questions needed of those who Cameron and Clegg put in charge of the Ministry of Justice and are watching as our whole criminal justice system continually deteriorates and ultimately more danger and costs are incurred.’

allowedanopinion wrote:
And how much is this costing AGAIN?
I would be asking who’s to blame, besides the scum who are locked up there?? The government for cutting funds and trying to work prisons with minimal staff.

Concerned111 says…

There are obviously a lot of people on here, ready to judge because this has happened AGAIN!! While you’re sat safely at home casting your judgments, thinking you could do a better job. I’m sat worrying because my partner is one of those staff dealing with this incident and I only found out about the incident from the news. If you are going to make comments then please try and sound like you have a modicum of intelligence.

On Tuesday this week,two inmates – one wielding a hammer – took to the roof of HM Deerbolt Prison in Barnard Castle.The incident was brought to an end at around 9pm after negotiations took place between the inmates and prison officers.Barnard Castle residents reported a large police, fire and ambulance presence at the scene as the drama unfolded.

Sources told The Northern Echo on Tuesday night,that two inmates tied themselves to railings for five hours over the weekend.The source added: “The inmates have had their association times cut – they have less time out of their cells – and this is contributing to major frustration.”

Although association has been cut at HMP Deerbolt, it has been said this was largely because of Government policy and was happening at other prisons “The Government wants prisoners to be working rather than idling round playing pool.”

HMP Deerbolt has been under temporary governorship after the departure of full-time governor Gabrielle Lee, who was widely praised for turning it into one of the best performing jails in the country. The Northern Echo understands she is being replaced shortly by Gavin O’Malley, a former governor at Channings Wood Prison, in Devon.

The latest incident comes less than a month after one inmate was taken to hospital with head injuries following a riot lasting several hours.The major disturbance saw the intervention of a national response team made up of officers specially trained in riot control, known as a Tornado team.Prison officers were forced to withdraw after inmates hurled pool balls at them. Fires were also set in cells.

Is this the kind of prison system Her Majesty would care to have her moniker attached to? Mr Grayling appears to think so.



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