IPCC accused of dragging heels in case of young athlete whose neck was broken

Excerpt from a posting by @LondonBlackRevs & ‘The Guardian’ January 2015


The family of Julian Cole, 21, blame excessive force used by police for his injuries and say the police watchdog has been too slow in its investigation of the case. On 27 January, the chair of a powerful Commons committee and a candidate for London mayor backed the family and criticised the IPCC.

David Lammy, Labour MP for Tottenham, said: “This undermines our very civilisation. That a young athlete can have his neck snapped on a British street and a family who have lodged a formal complaint are still waiting 20 months later is a travesty. It’s an outrage to all parents in Britain. By now, if it involved normal civilians, you would expect answers to the most basic questions, such as, was it the police? If this case is not one that requires swift action, I just don’t understand what could be.”

Lammy said the IPCC needed reform: “This is another example of a desperate family left waiting for almost 20 months to understand how their son came to have his life devastated”


The night a young athlete was left paralysed & brain damaged

In the early hours of the morning on Sunday 6th May 2013, Julian and some of his friends who were enjoying a night-out at Elements Nightclub on Mill Street in Bedford were asked to leave. Initially they walked away but then Julian, seemingly intent on requesting a refund, returned alone to the club.

On returning to the venue, Julian was seized by security who immediately passed him over to several police officers present outside the club. Much of what took place is caught on CCTV but the crucial moments of what happened when the police officers took hold of Julian is not captured on CCTV.

Witnesses saw Julian dragged unconscious across the road by officers in the direction of a police van.
By this stage his neck had been broken; he had suffered a serious spinal injury and was unresponsive.

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#‎Julian‬ was lifted into the police van and driven to Greyfriar’s Police Station. He remained unresponsive and an ambulance was called. Julian suffered a severe brain injury due to a lack of oxygen reaching his brain and had a cardiac arrest.

Initially Julian was transferred to Bedford Hospital but he was then transferred to a hospital in Cambridge specialising in head injuries.

Julian had suffered a spinal injury called a ‘hangman’s fracture’. This kind of injury, as the name suggests, is associated with the sudden and violent pulling backwards of the head, usually when there is a counter force against the body.

Julian is now paralysed and has brain damage. He is resident in a care home because he needs 24 hour nursing care.


No budgetary investment in reforming the IPCC Chancellor?





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