Newham Mayor sees red at woman campaigning for homeless single mothers



One of London’s most powerful town hall bosses has been censured for his “disrespectful” behaviour towards campaigners for more affordable housing.

Labour Mayor of Newham, Sir Robin Wales, was found to have breached the borough’s code of conduct when he lost his temper after being approached at a show in East Ham last summer.

A YouTube video of the incident shows the red-faced 60-year-old shouting, waving his hand and wagging his finger aggressively at members of the Focus E15 group.

A fellow councillor appears to have to physically restrain Sir Robin from taking further action then stops the campaigners entering a marquee at the Mayor’s Newham Show in July.

A complaint made by another local campaigner, Kevin Blowe, was investigated by the council’s standards advisory committee. It found that the Mayor had breached part 5.1 of the code “by failing to show appropriate respect to a member of the public”.

The investigation also says that there were “mitigating circumstances”, although it does not say what they were.

The four-minute video shows Jasmine Stone of the Focus E15 group of single mothers loudly criticising Sir Robin’s housing policies through a megaphone at the public event in Central Park.

Council sources said it was “a cheek” for the Focus E15 group to complain about physical intimidation as “aggressive” campaigners had jostled Sir Robin and officials when they protested outside the East London local authority’s offices after a council meeting last September. One said “they were rude and aggressive and surrounded his car and stood in front of it.”

Single parent mothers refusing to be socially cleansed quietly eh?