Speaking Up For The Powerless


It’s hard to know who to thank, the adult victims and female victims who stepped forward and recounted their suffering at the hands of paedophiles and their procurers. The organisations who have had a hand in helping to pick up the fragments of wounded people’s lives and fuse them back together again. Exarro who have displayed the dogged journalistic tenacity and cunning of a world weary rottweiler, in their determination to see justice done for all the child abuse victims. Tom Watson for sobbing on the radio over the tragedy and pain, and hurt and humiliation of the defenceless, as well as championing the cause that fell into his hapless lap, stubbornly, aggressively, ferociously and most virtuously I might add. Perhaps even Teresa May who very calmly sat and listened to the unbridled filth developing children had been relentlessly and callously dragged through, in their formative years.


When I say filth I’m not judging the victims, I’m defining the notion that wealthy influential men who were ostensibly respectable and above reproach in public. Men who loved treasured and protected their own children, would then stride abroad, unlocking the caskets of their profligate degeneracy in front of other people’s unprotected children, some of whom never survived the experience. We are all familiar with the story of Vishal Mehrotrah, a child who went missing a mile from his family home in London. His father, a middle-class suburban professional, could never have dreamed that he would be informed of his eight year old son’s fate by a male prostitute familiar with Elm Guest House. Nor could he have imagined being told by the police, funded by the state, that it would be best for him if he did not inquire too closely into the fate of his eight year old child at the hands of very wealthy, very married, politically connected paedophiles.


As Teresa May laid out the details of who would head the inquiry, details of the pre-appointment hearing-before a select committee, the criteria for the new panel as well as the funding to support work with the victims, I’m sure many would have been relieved, there is to be an inquiry, and it will be chaired by someone credible. What is more where evidence is uncovered regarding prosecutable activities, and where the perpetrators are alive, they will be prosecuted courtesy of Operation Hydrant.

Jimmy Savile

Yes, Jimmy Saville is dead, Peter Hayman is  dead, Cyril Smith is dead, but the system that protected them isn’t. Agents of the state who deemed it more worthy to manipulate the dirt they had on these men than to save the children. A police force busy investigating and collating evidence on the known proclivities of these men, evidence that went to whom, was collated by whom and for what purposes other than protecting our children’s well-being, we don’t yet know. The system that ruined the lives of countless children in countless institutions for ‘the good of the state’ deserves to be scrutinised and judged in some part and to some extent during this inquiry it will be. For that at least and any probable prosecutions we have to be grateful.