A Government Without A Conscience?

Good news for those of you who used to work in the City of London and are looking to get back in. London will be the base for the first clearing bank outside Asia for the Chinese currency. People’s Bank of China (PBC), the country’s central bank, has appointed China Construction Bank as the UK’s first clearing bank for renminbi. The word ‘Renminbi’ means the people’s currency (how ironic), but I digress so let us continue with the good news. The announcement concludes months of talks and coincides with a trade visit to the UK by China’s premier, Li Keqiang. His first trip to Britain since becoming prime minister is expected to lead to about £18bn of deals. Please see below this smiley pic of Li Kequiang (with all of his internal organs in place and intact).


Now for some not so palatable facts, the overall percentage of Falun Gong now imprisoned in Labour camps in China? Fifteen to twenty percent. The number of Falun Gong practitioners having blood and urine tests so that they may be matched via a hospital to donor recipients? All of them. In fact the number of practitioners killed for organs within China’s labour camps could be as high as 120,000, with a low estimate of 9,000, and 65,000 being the median. The Chinese government has denied these accusations stating that ‘the haters gon hate’. Meanwhile, Mr Kilgour former Canadian secretary of state and Mr Matas a human rights lawyer say otherwise. As does Ethan Gutman who interviewed Falun Gong Practitioners and non-practitioners.


Any clues as to who is telling the truth? The average waiting time for a kidney transplant in China? Fifteen days, in contrast to 1825 days in the U.S and 1095 days in the UK. Despite very low levels of voluntary organ donation, China performs the second-highest number of transplants per year. Kilgour and Matas also presented material from Chinese transplant center web sites advertising the immediate availability of organs from living donors, and transcripts of telephone interviews in which hospitals told prospective transplant recipients that they could obtain Falun Gong organs.


Torturing and then slaughtering dissidents who oppose the manner in which they are governed, this is nothing new. But torturing and then extracting organs from internees in order to meet the demands of a niche organ transplant market is just, so…I don’t know entrepreneurial? At any rate the U.S whilst noting that there was no evidence to support these allegations expressed a mild amount of dismay at China’s ‘appalling’ human rights record and continued to do business with them, as has the UK.


BP has  signed a long-term deal to supply liquefied natural gas worth about £12bn to China. Rolls-Royce has agreed to co-operate with two Chinese nuclear reactor suppliers, SNPTC and CGN, on civil nuclear power projects. And George Osborne, the chancellor, has said that, “Connecting British firms and markets to China’s extraordinary expansion is a key part of our economic plan, because it brings jobs and investment to our country. In fact, relations with China have improved as never before since David Cameron led a 100-strong business delegation to China last year. Could the screams of peaceful Falun Gong practitioners be heard in the background as the British Prime Minister sat down to his umpteenth business banquet I wonder? Probably not.





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