Teacha’s Pet

apt-pupil-movie-poster-1998-1020210436I was struck by what Umaru Abdul Mutallab did once he realised that his son had become far more ‘Islamic’ than was normal for a devout and honourable Muslim. He picked up his phone and he called the American Embassy to let them know his son had become a terrorist and was up to no good in the Yemen. His actual words were that his son had ‘absconded’ and taken up with some ‘dubious’ people, all without bothering to show his family respect, by notifying them that he had become a terrorist. Accordingly his son’s name was added to a General Watch List by the Counter-Terrorism-Centre and he was subsequently arrested.

And now to the matter of Trojan Horses residing in certain Birmingham Schools. I could be wrong but I very much doubt that many Muslim parents would appreciate a handful of ‘unstable’ Muslims being given control of their childrens’ education. Because you see not everyone who is a Muslim believes that they should be governed by an Islamic government in a European country. And nor do many Muslims believe that the key to getting what you want lies in educating youngsters into  a way of life that has nothing to do with the Quran. Many of the Muslims who settled in Britain did so because like many an African they did not want to be bogged down by cultural expectations or norms. And many have married reverts (converts to Islam), many of whose nationalities would make them unacceptable within the parameters of their spouse families cultural background.

Nope. My biggest concern if I was a Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Bahai, Buddhist or Agnostic parent would be that whilst a bunch of dysfunctionally religious nutters were plotting their bloodless coups and, carrying them out the government did nothing.This hands-on-in-yer-face-smooth-slick bunch of wheelers and dealers had not a clue that certain schools in Birmingham were being ‘Al-Qaeederized’, not a clue. And that would bother me more than the spat that has taken place between the Home Secretary and ‘he who shall not be named’ this week.

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