Feudal Practices


A picture of Muslims at prayer and I know I’m stating the obvious when I say this but with all the media coverage lately it does need saying. When these guys get down on their knees and bow forward to pray? They’re not praying to Al-Qaeedah, they’re not praying to which ever Muslim fundamentalist with a beef against whichever government happens to be holding a bomb, they are praying to god. Yeah, I know that it sounds as though i’m assuming that people on the whole don’t realise that, but it can get that way when the media (particularly the BBC) gets on its hobby horse.

Muslim vigilante patrols? That would be men with little to do, irritating everybody else, by striding aggressively up and down outside the local mosque (my apologies to those who have been forced to do so by racists). Britain First vigilante patrols? Racist men barely able to keep within the bounds of the laws of the land on any given day, trying to lay down the law (how ironic!) to Muslim Communities.

And the real enemy? Picture this, failing businessmen who have successfully obtained mortgages for properties they can ‘buy to let’, charging outrageous rents for very poor housing. And then increasing those rents so that they can boost their ‘cash reserves’ in order to invest in more predestined to fail business deals. Picture tenants who are struggling to pay their rent and feed themselves and their families. Picture grandparents providing not just the funds, but the housing for children who have no work or are so poorly paid, that they can’t afford a home of their own. This is happening all over the country to people of every race and religion and culture.

And now imagine this, an employee at a franchise booth at a busy train station positioning the occasional customer at a counter. And doing so in such a way that the distraction thieves positioned in various locations around that booth can take full advantage of the occasional customer. Now this could be happening in any town or city in country in the world, it isn’t right, but it’s a convenient way of making up for the money your employers should but refuse to pay you. And the interesting thing? Watching thieves and franchise employees of every religion, race and culture work together to achieve that result.