We Don’t Do God

Mr Cameron’s willingness to talk about his religion contrasts with the line taken by Tony Blair, whose communications director Alastair Campbell famously said: “We don’t do God.”

– The Independent (16th April 2014) 


Find your nearest foodbank?! Over a million people have, because they have had to as it’s hard to focus on finding work or even studying at school if you are very, very, hungry.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Don’t cap my benefits? Well why not? Those days of training when you have a child to feed are over! If you want to improve your lot in life you need to get off benefits and find a job! Oops! Hold on a minute you actually have a low income job? And you’re on  zero hours contract? And the reason you’re taking a college course is to improve your lot in life? And you really wouldn’t appreciate being relocated away from your college course and low wage job?


And here we have another picture of Jesus…er…wait…no, that’s a promo image from ‘Shameless’ ,though to tell the truth it might as well be an image of Jesus, since he identified more closely with the likes of the above than he did with money lenders, pawn brokers…I’ll just leave it there.


Remember this guy from the Channel Four prog ‘Benefit Street’ ? Now, I don’t think he does God either, although I do recall him going door to door and selling small portions of washing powder, washing up liquid, coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Usually to people who could not afford to shop for their groceries in any other way. At one point he was even giving the stuff away to people who needed it, nobody does that.

What some people are inclined to do instead is insist that austerity is the only way forward. Using an analogy, if you know you’ve gone too far into your overdraft, what you do is tighten your belt. You stop going down to the local pub, you cut back on the beers, the cigarettes. And you focus on paying off the overdraft. But what if you’re unemployed? My guess is that in the light of the government’s determination to cling to its austerity policies you’d better start praying.