What Would Jesus Do?


Observe, a picture of Jesus, the son of God, ‘going matrix’ on some bankers, err I mean’t money changers’ behinds. Now, this piece of art has a truly modern feel to it, one can almost sense the degree of homicidal rage. The urge to simply lift his foot and quite simply kick the err ‘be-jesus’ out of them is palpable. And in fact in this picture he has actually lifted his foot and is busy kicking the err, ‘be-jesus’ out of them (there was no CCTV in those days). So intrigued was I by this wondrous piece of art that I have decided to include various interpretations of Jesus assaulting various money lenders in this blog post. But before I do here’s a picture of Cardinal Nichols handing David Cameron’s arse (oops! naughty word!) back to him.

Vincent Nichols

Cardinal Nichols gave the government a thorough tongue lashing over its welfare reforms, which in his words, have left people destitute. He mentioned one beneficiary of a foodbank starting to cry when presented with food after not eating for three days. “It is stories like that, that are part of the reality of this country today,” Cardinal Nichols has said. Cardinal Nichols has not been the only person to speak out about this government’s punitive and ideologically driven welfare reforms, oh no. Here is a picture of the United Nations special investigator on housing who had the audacity to speak out about the punitive impact the bedroom tax was having on the impoverished.


Ms Rolnik had the audacity to suggest that the bedroom tax should be scrapped because it negatively “impacts on the right to adequate housing and general wellbeing of many vulnerable individuals and households”. She must have meant vulnerable individuals such as Mark Wood, an Asperger’s suffer.When police found Wood, diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, his food supplies had more or less expired. Half a banana was left, plus a tin of tuna.

“I’d like David Cameron and his Government,” said his sister, “to be aware of the personal cost of their policies and how they are affecting real people and causing real heartache.”

Wood’s own doctor, Dr Nicholas Ward, had recently written to his local jobcentre to support his claim for benefits, saying he was “absolutely unfit for any work whatsoever”. Ward described Wood as a man of “dignity and integrity”. Clearly not Maria Miller then. Here is another picture of Jesus kicking the crap out of some pay day loan sharks  money lenders.


Ms Rolnik and Cardinal Nichols are not the only ones that have voiced their opposition to the governments welfare reforms, the people who run foodbanks have. The advisers who year upon year give free advice via underfunded organisations like the CAB have. The guys running hundreds of foodbanks up and down the country have. Alot of people who wouldn’t describe themselves as Marxists or Socialists have, so why is the government some of these people voted for refusing to listen. Here is a picture of Jesus, son of God and innovator of the ‘compassionate society’ feeding the five thousand.


Note, that in this particular piece of art there are no claim forms, no assessment interviews and nobody looks as though they’ve been sanctioned. Ave, ave, ave Maria…..