Freedom Train?



I am in love with ‘The Avengers’. Seriously. So many hard bodies that I could swoon and so many tru’isms like ‘can an ant negotiate with a boot?’. The Ukraine gets taken over by right wing fascists and, the Russians seize this as an excuse to invade and take over the Crimea. But can NATO do anything about it? Actually they probably could, after all in 1999 didn’t they intervene effectively in Kosovo? And haven’t they enjoyed unbridled success alongside American troops in Afghanistan? Training, advising, assisting and yes, even funding the Afghan National Security Force. So what up with little Crimea?


And so back to the ‘Avengers’ the tesseract, a neon blue cube shaped portal (see above illustration), to outer space and limitless monsters,has been stolen by that would be fascist dictator Loki, America is under threat (nothing new there). And it will take the combined might of a motley crew of super heroes in order to save the day. Which sort of seems analogous to little Crimea, rescued from the arms of big bad Loki, in this case the Svoboda (Freedom) party, by that valiant strongman of Russia Vladimir Putin.


Like Captain America, Putin has valiantly made the decision to swoop down and protect little Crimea’s ethnic Russians from the maurauding hordes of Ukrainian fascists. He has struck a blow for  Crimean freedom. One that would have been more convincing had he not previously supported the inhumane oppression of the Syrian people by one Bashir Al-Assad. Unfortunately, according to NATO, his actions have triggered off instability within other regions of the Ukraine. Naughty man for stealing the Crimea and whipping up hostility and acrimony where previously there had been none (see the Ukrainian parliament in session below).


The bottom line is that Ukraine’s people have grown tired of their greedy, corrupt and nepotistic oligarchs and politicians. They have grown tired of expecting to both endure and enjoy impoverishment. Whilst the ruling classes funds private armies and swan over seas to Paris, London and Milan, indulging their every jet-setting whim; and the right wing fascists and Putin have taken full advantage of their frustrated dissent.

So why hasn’t NATO been more proactive in its interventions? Why hasn’t America come to that? It couldn’t be the niggling issue of Russian investment could it? And when I say investment I mean all types of investments, such as direct investments made by legal entities or individuals owning an entire enterprise, portfolio investments, which refer mostly to financial investments (equities, bonds and the like), and other investments. Because all of these investments in European and American economies have been growing year upon year.


Which brings me to my final diagram accompanied by a quote ‘can an ant negotiate with a boot?’. You know what? An ant can’t not on its own, that much is obvious. But an army of bellicose ants infused with moral integrity?