ATOS : Hallelujah! It’s A Miracle!!!


In three years ATOS, the government sponsored disability assessors, have managed to out-perform Jesus Christ, the miracles he performed in three years could only fill a couple of chapters of the Christian Bible. But ATOS’s efforts, have created reams and reams of evidential testimony, citing the miraculous cures their wondrous interview assessments have wrought. Under their divine hand, 85% of the 2.7million people ‘on the sick’ have been proven entirely capable of work. And how, pray tell, do they work these miracles? Well, according to a whistleblower they consider all the evidence (impartially), and then they hand down a judgement based on objective medical knowledge.

Take for example, a retired former senior teacher suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, a neurological condition, which affects somewhere in the region of 100,000 people in England. Now she’s been retired from her job for five years and has been on disability living allowance all that time, when she suddenly runs into a bit of good luck in the form of ATOS. One healing glance from them and she’s instantly transferred from the ranks of the disabled into the Job-seeker’s Allowance ranks and declared fit for work. She sought to have the decision overturned and received a seventy-one page document explaining her ‘miraculous’ healing to her, as well as suggesting that she appeal their decision; for though they maintain that she has been healed, she maintains that, though the Interferon injections she receives three times a week, may have given them that impression, she is as ill as she ever was.

And then, of course, there’s the case of the social worker who, having had a serious nervous breakdown is now cared for almost entirely by his wife. This gentleman who is socially withdrawn, suffering from severe depression, and short term memory loss, was  assessed three times. Twice by doctors who sought in their assessments to be both fair and objective (according to his wife), and once by the ATOS assessor who having noted his ‘sun tan’ waved her wand over him and declared him fit for work. A strange pronouncement, as since this assessment he has been granted three in-patient days a week, to attend counselling sessions with a state funded psychiatrist.

Now I was present at neither of these ‘miraculous healings’ so I can’t personally offer an opinion on the rights and wrongs of the ATOS approach, so I’ll leave the final word to someone who has obviously been privy to that whole process,

‘ATOS are just being used as “validation” for a twisted form of computerised Eugenics…ATOS has a history in medicine only as old as the government policy and resulting contracts issued. They have been caught out time and again by the recording of their own stupidity. Eugenics was championed by both Nazi Germany and Texas as a way of validating “mercy killings” of mentally disabled people…This is the shit you are putting your faith in?’



Good news abounds though my friends! ATOS has been scrapped, the bad news is that they’ve now decided to foist a new invention on the general tax-paying public, Universal Credit, for whom I wonder?